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What Is Viscodex™?

Viscodex™ is a special formulated fiber with high viscosity. It’s a partially hydrolyzed konjac with glucomannan as its main component. Glucomannan is water-soluble dietary fiber that absorbs up to 200 times its weight of water. Several studies have pointed out glucomannan’s tremendous benefits to human health, and it could be used in functional food, food additives and pharmaceuticals, as well as other industries. The functional properties include high viscosity, solubility, high absorption, gel strength and little digested in the small intestine.

About Our Product

Novotech’s NovoFiber® offers different grades of VISCODEX™ for a variety of applications. Each grade of powder is suitable for use in various industries to achieve a myriad of different health and functional products.

NovoFiber® Viscodex™



Viscosity (CPS)

25,000 CPS


1. Food industry: Food and bakery ingredients, sausages, pasta, dressing, ice cream, yogurt and beverage.

Bakery / Pastry

Moisture retention, Dietary Fiber, texture, shelf life extension.


Viscosity control, mouth feel, texture improvement, stabilizer.

Yogert, Ice Cream

Mouth feel, moisture enhancer, stability.


Texture, suspension, dietary fiber.


Thickener, emulation stability.

Jams, Jellies

Gelling agent, texture.

Sausage / Burger

Moisture enhancer, resistance to breakage, texture.

2. Functional health food: Weight control, cholesterol control, colon health, help prevent Type II diabetes and constipation.

3. Pharmaceuticals: Vegetarian capsules, tablets and slow release agents

4. Other industries: Thickening agent, lubricant, suspension agent, animal feed additives and cosmetics.

Common Doses Used in Studies





3 to 4 grams

Once, repeat after 12 hours if needed


3.6 to 7.2 grams

Once a day

High Cholesterol

3.9 grams

Once a day

Weight Loss (Adults)

1 gram

Three times a day

Weight Loss (Children)

0.7 to 1 gram

Three times a day