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At Novotech, we have built an industry leading inventory of mineral ingredient and Omega-3 powders in order to meet demand. The company manufactures proprietary ingredients under the brand names of NovoOmega® for Omega-3 powder, NovoMin® for chelated minerals and Nutra-C® for Vitamin C.

NovoOmega® Omega-3 powders are manufactured using breakthrough technology. Not only does our GRAS Powder have increased Omega-3 content with high purity and bioavailabilty, but it is also resistant to oxidation. It should also be noted that NovoOmega® Omega-3 powder does not require refrigeration and has increased shelf life compared to other powders on the market.

NovoMin® chelated minerals, resulting from Novotech's cutting-edge research, are manufactured under the U.S. patent process. Chelated minerals include Calcium, Chromium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc and much more! Chelation improves absorption, translocation, stability and bioavailability. Additionally, it reduces toxicity and provides protection from adverse interactions.

In addition, the company's animal division offers a unique oligosaccharide product named NovoGrow™ NutraOligos for the animal industry and PetOmega for the pet industry.

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Chelated Minerals
Omega-3 Powder
NutraOligos - Animal Feed
PetOmega - Pet Nutrition

Human Nutrition
Chelated Minerals - NovoMin®NutraPure™, NovoMin®Max™
Boron(B)*AAC *Ascorbate *Aspartate *Citrate *Gluconate *Glycinate *Picolinate
Calcium(Ca)*Amino Acid Chelate *Ascorbate *Aspartate *Citrate *Gluconate *Glycinate *Lactate *Malate *Acetate *Citrate Malate
Chromium(Cr)*Amino Acid Chelate *Nicotinate *Picolinate
Cobalt(Co)*Amino Acid Chelate
Copper(Cu)*Amino Acid Chelate *Glycinate
Iron(Fe)*Amino Acid Chelate *Citrate *Fumarate *Lactate *Gluconate *Glycinate
Magnesium(Mg)*Amino Acid Chelate *Ascorbate *Aspartate *Citrate *Gluconate *Glycinate *Malate *Methionate
Manganese(Mn)*Amino Acid Chelate *Ascorbate *Aspartate *Citrate *Gluconate *Glycinate
Molybdenum(Mo)*AAC *Glycinate
Potassium(K)*AAC *Gluconate
Selenium(Se)*AAC *Aspartate
Vanadium(V)*Amino Acid Chelate
Zinc(Zn)*Amino Acid Chelate *Ascorbate *Aspartate *Citrate *Gluconate *Glycinate *Methionate *Methionine Aspartate *Picolinate
Non-acidic Vitamin C - Nutra-C®
Nutra-C® PowderNon-acidic Vitamin C Powder & Ingredient
Omega-3 Powder (EPA, DHA, ALA)
Omega-3 PowderNovoOmega® Fish or Plant (Algae or Flaxseed) Origin Omega-3 Powders
Animal Nutrition
NovoGrow™ NutraOligos™ (Oligosaccharides)Functional Feed
PetOmega™Omega-3 (15%) - For Cats & Dogs, DHA meal Powder